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As a general rule, I am not very good at accepting compliments. I never have been. I tend to wave them off and disregard them as uninformed comments coming from people who have lovely intentions but ridiculously low standards.

My daughter has been after me for years trying to teach me how to be more gracious in accepting a compliment. “Thank you, I appreciate that” is the response she recommends. I have tried it out a few times — and while it is definitely the more polite approach, inside it feels very inauthentic and uncomfortable.

As a result, I am very scrupulous about the compliments I hand out. I am careful not to dole out throw-away compliments for the purpose of trying to make someone feel good. It’s not who I am — I am very conscious about making sure that the compliments I give are heartfelt, accurate, and useful. When I do give out a compliment, the recipient knows that I really mean it and that it comes with absolute authenticity. …

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My birthday has always been a bit of a strange day for me. I always find myself a little bit out of sorts — not knowing exactly how to feel about getting older. …

Executive Coaching is a tricky beast. Why? Because it’s elusive and confusing.

What is the purpose of Executive Coaching? Is it designed for people who have challenges and need some kind of intervention and remediation in order to succeed in their career? Is it designed for top performers and leaders who are privileged enough to hire a personal advisor to assist with all aspects of their personal and professional growth?

What the heck is Executive Coaching anyway? Who is it for? How does it work? And what exactly is the ROI?

Who is Executive Coaching For?

I would start by lumping ‘Executives’ into 3 categories: C-suite leaders of large corporations, Entrepreneurs who run sizable companies ($5M — $750M in revenues) and the Senior Leaders that support them both. …

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