10 Ways to Think Differently About Your Business

When things don’t seem to be going your way, in your business or otherwise, sometimes all that you need is a change of perspective. Here are 10 ways that you can begin to think differently about your business that will have extraordinary results.

1. It’s not your daily to-do list that matters, it’s your vision.
Instead of focusing on your ever increasing to-do list, lift your head and focus on the big picture. Is what you’re doing right now aligned with your vision for your business?

2. You’re not the only one who can do things right.
Create a team of experts that you trust. This will allow you to lighten your load and to avoid micro-managing.

3. Assume positive intent.
The assumptions that you have about others impacts your interactions with them. When you assume that they have positive intentions, you can direct them better.

4. Take your time when making decisions.
Making hasty decisions creates more problems in the long run. Slow down and think about what you really want to do, and whether or not this decision will have the desired outcome.

5. Complacency can be detrimental.
When things are going great, it is not the time to start coasting. Leverage your success to move you and your team forward.

6. Emergencies don’t need to create stress.
When emergencies occur, take a moment to gather your thoughts, round up the appropriate resources, and work through problems with an eye on your long-term strategy.

7. Failure isn’t something to fear.
Recognize that each failure brings you closer to success. Surround yourself with individuals who have lived a life filled with rich experiences — both successful and not so successful.

8. Pilot your ideas.
Many people are afraid to try new things. They view it as a huge effort that may not pan out. Instead, take small steps toward change by testing out your ideas.

9. Create pathways to entry, not boundaries.
Define what you want from your team instead of focusing on what you don’t want them to do.

10. What you focus on grows.
If you expect the worst of your team and your business results, your fears will come true. Focus your energy on what is going well, and positive change will manifest.




Kim is the Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ & The Journal That Talks Back™, an executive coach & a supermom of 5. https://www.frameofmindcoaching.com/

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Kim Ades

Kim Ades

Kim is the Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ & The Journal That Talks Back™, an executive coach & a supermom of 5. https://www.frameofmindcoaching.com/

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