Do you remember what it felt like this past fall, before the Omicron variant appeared? Covid restrictions were beginning to relax. Vaccines and Covid tests were widely available. We were looking forward to holidays spent in-person with all of our loved ones.

Then the new Covid variant hit.

All of…

The holidays are designed to be a time of celebration and joy. They are meant to bring us closer together through quality time, activities, food, drinks, gifts, movie watching, singing, partying and relaxing. They are a time of abundance and hope.

But the holidays aren’t easy for everyone.

For many…

What are you grateful for this year? All of the things and people you have in your life? There is a lot to be thankful for, but what do you do when things feel not-so-stellar? Here’s how to look for the good in the most unlikely of places:

1) Messes

Maybe you…

If you’re a high-achiever in charge of making business decisions at your organization — you might be in middle management, the head of your department, or even the company CEO — then you may already be familiar with the concept of an executive coach. You might even have ideas about…

I am very curious about why he steals things. What does he need that he is trying to fill by stealing? My guess that it's more than simply attention. Understanding this might help provide some insight regarding his actions. And it might also provide some insight regarding how to manage yourself as a parent.

Kim Ades

Kim is the Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ & The Journal That Talks Back™, an executive coach & a supermom of 5.

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